Destroyer - Kaputt

Dear Dan Bejar,

I have been a fan of The New Pornographers for quite a while, and sincerely consider this band as having one of the best discographies of the past ten years, with Together being also among my favorite albums of 2010. Still, as I have previously stated in this very influential and popular blog, I’ve found it curious that the three songs on Together that Wikipedia credits as being written by Dan Bejar are infinitely inferior to the ones written by AC Newman, to the point that I simply skip these 3 songs every time I listen to the album. I should probably even consider not putting them in my iPod, which would allow me to just listen to the 9 songs AC Newman wrote without interruption from yours. Because frankly I don’t think I can listen to that awful and unbearable “Sil-vah Jen-ay Doll-uh” without wanting to crush my speakers, even less with you singing it with that voice that someone once creatively described as a “lazy turtle trying to pull himself out of a heroin coma”.
On the other hand, I have always found the Destroyer discography to be quite respectable. Not near The New Pornographers’, or even AC Newman's or Neko Case’s solo careers, but still made of mostly top to bottom good-not-great albums (ignoring that voice), that won’t make it to my iPod, but might survive in my external hard drive, at least Streethawk and City of Daughters.
Concerning your new album Kaputt, now that I have given it the standard minimum of five listens that I require to issue my judgment, all I can do is transmit my most sincere frustration because this is actually not a bad album. I personally thought, after what seemed like a complete creative hole in that fifth New Pornographers album, that when time came to hear a new Destroyer album it would made of pretty much the same cheesy pop songs you wrote for Together. But Kaputt is really not bad at all, I mean there’s only one really good song that could rival with anything the most creative hook crafter there is (AC Newman) has ever made, but overall this is actually listeneable because there are enough good melodies that make us forget the lazy turtle in your throat.
So finally, all I’m asking is that when time comes for a New Pornographers album, if you could just put a little more effort into it. I understand that a lot of the popularity of the Pornographers is due to the success of Destroyer and probably attendance to their shows would decrease without your presence in the band, but I just feel that A.C. Newman deserves a little more than “Sil-vah Jen-ay Doll-uh” next time. You can try as many pseudo jazz-David-Bowie-Berlin-era experiments and attempts to gain fans from Ariel Pink’s base as much as you like in your solo projects if that’s what you want. And that’ll probably get you at least a Best New Music in Pitchfork, but when asked to contribute for a new Pornographers album, I don’t think it would hurt to deliver a “Downtown” or "Kaputt" next time.
Because I have to admit that there was one time, a long time ago, when your voice and childish melodies could fit perfectly a New Pornographers album, and that was the year Twin Cinema got released. Because in the middle of such caos and playfulness and weirdness, not only was there room for such an idiosantric element but it actually sounded good with what the rest of the band had to bring in.


Pierre Lestruhaut

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